Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Though I am not new to blogging or social media you may not know who I am or why I am here.  *taps mic*

My name is Shana Janelle.

Summer Selfie!

I am many things… a mother, makeup artist, explorer, writer, novice avid traveler and faux foodie to start…

My Muppets! (I used to call them My Muppet Babies, yes like the old cartoon, because they are so animated)

My kids are growing up rapidly (11 and 7 respectively), and now that they are at an age of appreciation, I want to build as many memories with them as I can.

Freelance Makeup Artist life…but in a fun way since this was for a friend’s birthday outing

I still have a love affair with all things beauty industry related but my focus has changed a bit.  I am more about sharing what I have learned being a freelance makeup artist for 7 years.

Headed to Barbados for work for the second time in 2014…

I have a few more stamps on my passport and have been bitten by the travel, foodie and iPhone photography bug all at once.  When I visit a new place I like to explore things that may be off the beaten path.

2015-05-17 12.34.53
Brunch at Station 4 (Washington DC) – Tomato Salsa, Pork Belly, Bleu Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Baby Arugula, Fig Balsamic Reduction
2015-05-22 17.03.20
Red Velvet Fried Oreos in Charlotte NC
2015-05-22 19.01.56-1
Unwinding in Charlotte NC the day before my mom’s college graduation
2015-05-30 15.45.34
Bacon topped oysters at the America Loves Bacon Festival, Washington DC 2015

I will try just about anything once…within reason, hence the “faux foodie” classification.  I love to ‘travel my town’ trying new haunts along the way and I make it a point to research the best places that locals like to eat when I am out of town.

Now that you know a little more about me, you also know what I will be blogging about…just about everything; but my focus will be on Beauty, Travel and Motherhood and how I manage each individually as well as all together.

I love input and will be asking questions with each post so please feel free to join in the conversation.  Comments are welcome both positive and constructive, and you can also reach out to me via email or on any of my social media channels.

Post Question: Do you blog/vlog?  Tell me about it so I can follow you too!

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