Silo DC

On a rare kid-free weeknight, a trip to a local eatery was planned…

This is Silo, described as a restaurant with New American eats with a French/Swiss flair pair and creative drinks in an industrial-chic space.

a glass of Chardonnay at Silo DC

We live in an area that was once considered questionable as far as safety, but has since transformed into a bustling and modern part of town with tons of millennials and gen x-ers who are either single or raising families.

Now, you are but a stone’s throw from various culinary excursions to suit your appetite.

I came with the full intention of having a simple glass of wine and an order of mussels but upon entering discovered that on Sunday and Monday they have an all night Happy Hour menu – SOLD!

Via their site, Silo says they focus on local, fresh, modern American cuisine, offering culinary excellence, genuine hospitality and fine craft cocktails.

With my beverage of choice being the house Chardonnay, I opted for the tempura fried okra with Matcha (a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea) salt and dipping sauce (seen above)…

…and the Deviled Eggs with sesame seeds and Rooster Sauce (which upon consulting Google I found out means Sriracha…)

“D” opted for the Skillet Mac & Cheese with Bacon Tomato Jam but ONLY because they were out of wings.

I was definitely impressed with my okra dish.  I am a fan of the vegetable in spite of the bad rep it tends to get.  I would bet money that the way it is prepared at Silo would make any naysayer a believer.  “D” even said it was good!

The tempura batter was light and crispy, not the least bit oily and the okra was fresh, therefore void of the slimy texture okra is known and despised for.

For me the Deviled Eggs left a bit to be desired.  Texture-wise and freshness of the eggs was spot on; presentation made me want to dig right in, but what it lacked was seasoning.  I wanted a bit more edge, and not necessarily by way of salt.  It just seemed a bit one note.

While we both thought the Skillet Mac and Cheese was tasty enough, again the absence of adequate seasoning came up.  I kept trying to determine what the almost sweet flavor was that kept coming through instead of the savory I am used to with macaroni and cheese.  I finally realized it was attributed to the bacon tomato jam.

Our drinks were ok.  We didnt try any of the craft selections, for me it was not an adventurous night as far as drinking is concerned.

The “genuine hospitality” that Silo claims to have by way of its site is on point.  Our server was attentive and pleasant.  It was was a bit of a low key night so we were able to talk at a comfortable level and still hear the eclectic music selection without it being overpowering.  The decor was interesting enough that it became the topic of conversation (be sure to check out the mural) as well.

I would venture back to Silo even in the absence of seasoning.  The menu, which changes its core features on a monthly basis based on seasonal ingredients – green eggs and ham made with quail eggs anyone? – is intriguing to me as a faux foodie.

Opt for the Sunday or Monday night if you want to try a variety of menu offerings without breaking the bank but even if you try it on a regular night you wont end up with buyers remorse.

Post Question: Do you try the new restaurants that pop up in your area or do you stick with what you know?

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