Miami musings…

My ambition for my mini Miami vacay was grand. I made sure to do all my prep work…
we keeps it real in here…

I had all of my ideas planned out of what to capture and do and blog about while there in order to maximize my time…

But somewhere along the line, I lost my focus.   I think it began at the airport with my celebratory beverage…

I traveled alone this time because this was also a time for me to decompress and reflect.

This pic was taken after I got my customary extra special TSA treatment complete with early morning feel up.  When I asked the guy why I always get this super special attention he remarked that I was special…I guess…they were nice enough about it though so I joked my way through it and came out still able to travel, as always.

*note* when traveling via plane do NOT put on lotion/creams prior to going through TSA.  If you get selected for the extra special treatment your grooming may cause the chemical alarms to go off in which case you too will have to be felt up before boarding

I am not a fan of these smaller aircrafts.  I have only had to take one on connecting flights but they always weird me out.

But I managed to arrive safely.  Thank you American Airlines!  My fav.
Finally met up with my girls, and because so many people were in town from the DC area, we spent a good part of the first day greeting friends and people watching


Hunger as well as the consumption of adult beverages began to take over…



After attempting to keep our legs elevated to avoid the natives who wanted to share our food the night became a blur…so on to the next day!



early morning pool pics.  The rooftop pool at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club more than made up for the no frills accommodations.  I spent quite a bit of my trip up there.

after some posing we decided to make our way to the beach

For some reason the water at the beach was quite shallow.  I kept joking that miracles were happening before our very eyes because other visitors were walking pretty far out and the water wasn’t even at knee level.  Very odd…

Of course we were sweaty, so after a quick change we headed back out.

As stated earlier, I am not sure when full-on IDGAF mode kicked in but even though I kept my camera on me at all times, I wasn’t using it.  A great deal of these pics were shared with me.  To me that signals true vacation mode and not needing to document everything, I am not mad about it either.

This little $12 hat from the H & M men’s section came in handy on this trip.  Locs + humidity = always an adventure.

We made our way to the Sugar Factory.  The food was pretty good and the presentation of the drinks (the main reason we went) was super cute and fun, however the strength of the drink was lacking.


While the taste was great, it basically was no match for our tolerance levels.  It is located right across from The Palace though so it made for very lively sights.

I was brave and decided to rock heels on the strip…but trust and believe my Havianas were right in my bag.  Anything for a fashion moment but I am no dummy.  3 years + with my Havianas and they are still going strong.  Haven’t failed me yet.

More fun happened after this but also additional sipping so I went to sleep a bit early on this night.


The next day…

After seeing my friends off to the airport it was time to enjoy my solo trip time.


I treated myself to breakfast which was satisfying enough, but since when are cooked peas included in breakfast potatoes?  No thank you.

Also, if you have never been to Miami please be mindful of the service charge that is added to practically every meal.  I realize now that I am not a cheap date.  I apologize now to all my past suitors for any debts they may have incurred while attempting to win my heart.

Afterwards I made my way back to my rooftop hideaway at the Catalina.

 in addition to great music they also pump little refreshing burts of air and mist intermittently while you enjoy the sunrays.  Definitely welcomed as I fought between my tan lines and running for cover from the heat.

Miami always serves as a great, cost effective getaway when needing to hit the reset button.

After my friends left I had a full day and a half to unwind and reflect.

I do not regret not following through on my plans to document every single second of my vacation.  I do not feel like I failed.  Ultimately I needed to unplug for those few days and apparently my mind and body knew that.  I came home relaxed and ready to take on the 2nd half of the year.

I love spending quality time with my family and friends but there is something to be said for loving up on yourself.  It is a lost art that I encourage others to invest time in.  You can still travel with friends but try to go a day or two early or stay on a bit later.  Extend your trip.  You owe it to yourself.

Post Question:  Have you ever traveled alone?  Tell me about it.

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