Linganore Reggae Wine, Music and Art Festival

Fresh off our trip to Miami, the ladies kept it close to home and ventured out for a Sunday of fun at Linganore Winery in Mt. Airy, MD.

Cherise made us breakfast while we waited for the party bus to take us to the winery, but we had to make a quick pit stop at Royal Farms for last minute necessities.

Apparently this is a new hot spot…being a city gal now, who doesn’t need nor have a car, I was not hip.

Naima placing our snack order on the fancy touch screen.  After the third or fourth try we got it done.

and now we wait…

The party bus finally arrived and we were on our way!

quick bus selfie before the wine tastings and snacking happened.  We didnt know anyone else on the bus but had a good time regardless.  Everyone was super nice.  Wine flowed, music played and snacks were had as we traveled up the road.

Thanks to E. Miller Travel, VP Productions and Team Next Generation Travel Agents.

After about a 45 minute drive we arrived.

Of course I had to get my iPhone photography on.  A bit tricky inside of a moving bus but you get the idea.

Yes I did this product shot and took the pic with my iPhone.  A lady even asked if she could take a picture of it.  Maybe I should be a prop stylist…

After we moved to this location to camp out for the day, seemingly to avoid the heat, we were ready to enjoy the tunes and tastes.

See how I am feeling all cute, colorful and not sweaty?


well that took a turn fairly quickly…

I am not a person that sweats profusely.  Even when I work out and work hard at getting a sweat going, it takes quite a bit of work.  I sweated so much yesterday that I know I had to lose some weight.  It was brutal.
  customary loc shot

Even though I felt a bit lightheaded, the music was just too good to miss out on.  So I made my way down to the makeshift dance area to dutty whine pon it with everyone else.

When I got back our little campsite had shifted a bit AGAIN, because no matter where you went there just was no escaping the blazing sunrays.
   Carter had him a good ol time.  So many people stopped by to laugh with him and comment on how he made the right outfit choice for the day LOL

If you look closely you can see the ring of sweat beginning to gather at my waist line.  I continued sipping unfettered.


It was so hot that Naima did an outfit change not too long after we arrived LOL Good thing they had vendors selling their wares!

bikini top and shorts under my dress because I knew we would be baking all day

I had a great time with my girlies!

even if at times we couldn’t be bothered to be cute LOL

This was my second time at the Reggae Wine Festival and it marked a time when last year I thought my world was crashing all around me.  It kinda was but these ladies plus one more were there to help me pick up the pieces.  What a difference a year can make.  Friends are definitely the family you choose and my family circle is indeed cherished.

Post Question: What types of activities do you plan with your friends?

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