Everyday People Brunch DC

I was SO excited when I found out the Everyday People Brunch was making its way back to DC!    A monthly brunch party that originated in NYC featuring a mostly 90’s soundtrack, the event has become widely popular and now makes it way around the US stopping at popular urban haunts.  The DC version for 2015 was brought to us by the cool kids group known as Rock Creek Social Club and took place in one of THE hotspots for late night reverie – H Street NE.  
  Redrocks Neopolitan Bistro closed its doors to the public for the event.  we had reservations for the 11:30a seating and after a tiny bit of confusion on our table assignment, the fun began.
  endless mimosas got the party underway.  I am always appreciative of a nice sized glass…though this one was plastic I still appreciated it because with the word “endless” attached to an adult beverage accidents are bound to happen.
    we had to get our pics in before stuffing our faces
  the menu was curated by celebrity chef Roble Ali

we each picked something different so that we could sample a bit more.

  both seatings, 11:30a and 2p, sold out before the event.
  though packed, all attendees were friendly and service was attentive.  A few snags here and there but anything that was pointed out, the staff made sure to remedy.  our first course was a homemade donut with a sweet dipping sauce that I believe was a strawberry whipped cream
  it was light and fluffy, not at all oily and not overly sweet.  A nice way to start the meal.  Cherise went with the Hangover Pizza.  The sausage was a welcome addition.  The flavor was rich but not overpowering.
  Naima chose the Shrimp and Grits and though it wasnt even my food, I could have licked the plate.  The Bloody Mary’s were also endless so when in Rome…
  Most of the time when picking a bloody mary at a restaurant it is hit or miss.  Everyone likes theirs made a different way so I think some places make it bland so as not to sway too much to one flavor side.  However, this particular version did not lack in taste.  I added a bit more salt towards the end but it didnt need much of anything.  And yes I drank the whole thing…and followed with more mimosas.  Because endless.  I opted for the Spiked French Toast.
  You had a choice of a brandied syrup or nutella topping.  I went with both…because I could.  And because Nutella.  And Brandy.
  Our last course was a choice between two fruit options: Naima and Cherise went with the fruit bowl  I decided to go with the fruit and sweetened mascarpone.  Delicious.
  I have two critiques of the brunch portion only – there was a serious amount of flies annoying us throughout the meal which I believe can be attributed to the roof being open for the afterparty.  And these horrible chairs.  If you are curvy, you can forget it.  Hang on tight because its going to be a wobbly unstable ride the entire time.  No bueno.  after our meal we made our way upstairs to check out the Lounge and rooftop…
  you know…  as you can see we each had a different take on brunch/afterparty attire.  I loved that it seemed the norm that each attendee thought the same.  The outfit selections were just as great as the food.  I complimented a number of people on either their outfits or their hairstyles.  I got a LOT of inspiration for my next hair look…yes a change is gonna come but we will discuss that later.
 Tia (middle) is who alerted me that the event was going to be in our neck of the woods so thanks to her!  We all havent been together in person in a long time so it was cool to catch up briefly.

The event was great!  I had a good time and even caught a glimpse of Roble’ as we made our way out of the venue.  Yes I geeked out when I saw him because he was literally thisclose.  Alas, when I wanted to take a picture he declined because he said he was late for work.  I almost never fangirl like that so I was a bit crushed but I definitely understood.  The event did start at 11:30a and he didnt arrive until close to 2p so its cool.

Great job Rock Creek Social Club!

Post Question: What is your favorite place to brunch?

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