The Pink Print Tour

  headed to VA to catch Nicki Minaj and her Pink Print tour last week.
  awesome summer day but it was pretty dern hot  met up with Naima and we made our way from Vienna metro station to Jiffy Lube Live…what was SUPPOSED to be a 20 minute ride turned into an hour.  Route 66 is dumb.   $40 later…
  we made it!  I was excited by the sheer diversity of attendees – you had a little bit of everything; variance in age, sex, race…you name it, I saw it.
  we had to have a beverage of course…$11 later…  we had to tackle these steps to get to our seats.  I think I died 3 times…
  but I lived to see the venue

comfy and cute was the name of the game as far as outfits.

  by the time we got to our seats sweat is pouring down my body so I had to strip…and apparently change my lip color.  Thankful for summer layers and makeup bags.  Tinashe and her dancers were awesome and energetic.  Whereas before the show I only vaguely knew of her, after her performance I became more interested in her music.
    Rae Sremmurd or Drummers Ear as I like to call them, had non stop energy as well and I partied the entire time.  I was surprised I knew as many of their songs as I did.
  the place was packed!  and finally it was time for Nicki to grace the stage
  I didn’t capture that much because I was too busy dancing and partying.

  Meek Mill came out in the middle of Nicki’s set.  I like him well enough but there was a whole lot of yelling.  I never understood that with live rap performances…
  at one point during the show he asked everyone to put their phones up and I was able to capture these images…
 I was in awe.  Just to look around and see that unity especially in the wake of recent events…it may not seem like much but it was a great moment for me.

I had a great time, it was money well spent.  My only downside was the traffic to and from the venue and just the chaos in general that is Jiffy Lube Live.  I think they may need to rethink the way they maneuver concerts, especially ones of this magnitude.  I cant see myself going there again any time soon.  I am super thankful for Uber though, they definitely came through in the clutch.

Post Question: What is the best concert you have ever attended?

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