This is the body of an almost 200lb woman.

I think I hide it pretty well; clothes are my friend…at least they USED to be.  Now I am not as comfy with shopping.

I have not weighed this much since I was pregnant with both kids.

Enough is enough.

What’s worse is the building I live in has a gym only 2 floors down…I can count on one hand how many times I have been in there, not including the times I have shown it to visitors…

And thus begins the time to reacquaint myself with the facilities.

It is time to re-start Operation #ShapeUpShana

  I started this process Sunday, August 9 and while I do not plan to bombard you with constant posts of me in the gym, I did want to hold myself accountable.  I will document my progress along the way just not EVERY day, week or even month.

My areas of concern are my core/midsection, inner thighs, inner arms and lawd help me, this boob area.  They are not as fun as one may think, trust me.
  I will be doing a combo of activities but I am starting with weights and a blend of walking and running.  If I happen to try something new and adventurous I will be sure to update.

Whenever I embark on a fitness regime the payoff for me is what I refer to as “sweat equity”.  This term is usually reserved for referencing the labor used in the upkeep or restoration of property.  It works for me because my body is my property and it is up to me to take care of it; to keep it running smoothly.  As a person who doesn’t sweat that much on a regular basis, I know I am getting the most out of my workouts when I break into an intense sweat as pictured above.

To aid in this journey of Operation #ShapeUpShana I am using the Couch 2 5k app in conjunction with my Health, Glow (no I am not trying to get pregnant, it just helps me track my cycle which is a struggle for me that I will detail in a different post) and Ruby (another cycle tracker) apps on my iPhone.  Soon I am going to invest in a FitBit only because it gets annoying holding my phone in my hand to track my steps for the Health app and I dont have the arm band.

In addition I am trying really hard to curb my enthusiasm for snacking in front of the tv, or at least replacing the bad snacks with more healthy options.  The other day I made roasted okra that turned out amazing.

No teas, waist training or wrapping for me.  I plan on doing this the traditional way and I am looking forward to earning my results.

Post Question: What changes, if any, are you making to improve your overall health?

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