#RumDayDC Cookout 

For once I didnt have any real plans on a weekend (shocking I know) but Naima came through with an awesome idea out the blue.


Now for those that do not know, in my makeup artist work I have had the great pleasure to visit Barbados twice in the past few years for a month at a time on both occasions.  So seeing Mount Gay Rum, which is the rum of Barbados, made me too happy!  I did not hesitate in sending my RSVP for this event.

The event was held in the Blind Whino space located in Southwest DC.  They always have great events and this one was no exception.

There are two floors and both had two beverage stations where you could try different rum based cocktails for $8 each.  There was also music on each floor and plenty of space to mix and mingle.  
  This made me so happy.  For quite some time I have wanted the experience of seeing cigars hand-rolled and it was the perfect accompaniment to the delicious beverages being served that day.  

Cortez Cigars is located in downtown Silver Spring and hosts events often for cigar aficionados as well as those wanting to learn more about the age old tradition of hand-rolled cigar making.
  After that and while we waited for the food to be served, we decided to indulge in a game of Dominos.  I lost.  HMPH
  It was Naima’s first time playing.  It was a great time.  We didnt even know the people we were playing with but that speaks to the patronage of the event.  Everyone was friendly and cool.  No egos in sight.  Just genuine people having a great time.

We had to take advantage of the amazing artwork inside the Blind Whino space.  No we didnt all plan to wear all black.
  Cherise finally made it!
  The rum lover in me was so pleased with the variety of options.

Catering was provided by one of my fav DC spots – D City Smokehouse.  Do yourself a favor and get there.  ASAP! and as early as possible to avoid the lines.

Yep we had sugar cane to chew on as well.  A serious cookout!


There was even a little photobooth action

After the festivities we attempted to make our way to another event but alas it was time to make our way home so we just grabbed some nibbles and did just that.  But not before one last photo shoot!  LOL

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