Diner en Blanc DC 2015

I first learned about Diner en Blanc while indulging in my Food Network love affair.  I cannot recall the exact show that detailed the whimsical pop up dinner but I was immediately enthralled and vowed to attend one day.

What initially began with one French gentleman in 1988 in Paris among a few friends (they all agreed to wear white so they could find each other in the park) on a June day has since expanded across the globe.  Lucky for me it finally made its way to DC in 2014 (I attempted to get in but was unsuccessful), so this year when the opportunity presented itself I was all set.

Now if you have been keeping up with the blog you know I have been fighting some health issues as of late and yes they still continue but I was determined not to miss this.  After a brief delay due to Uber shenanigans, we opted for Lyft to take us to our meetup destination.
  Of course we had to have a quick car photoshoot…  This was also the debut of my haircut but I will save that for another post.
  We arrived at the meetup spot, secured our wristbands at check-in and waited for the big reveal of where the dinner would take place.
  I received so many compliments that day on my look.  I opted for an elegant but attainable feel.  The star of the show, however, was my headpiece…funny thing is that was literally a last minute addition to the ensemble and I got it from Walmart of all places AND it isn’t even a headpiece!  You have to change your perspective sometimes in order to find hidden gems.

My dress is from Misguided and my flip flops are my trusty Havianas that I have had for 2-3 years now and my mother customized them for me to go with the dress.  People kept asking if I was getting married…um no.  The meetup location was at the National Portrait Gallery steps and there were a number of groups that met there.  I also know some groups met at Gallery Place Chinatown Metro, Eastern Market and the MLK Library.
  We passed the time by chatting, snapping pics and going into the gallery every so often to soak up the AC.  I think the anticipation caused people to get sweaty because it actually wasn’t that hot outside that day.  My lip is MAC Currant liner with Flat Out Fabulous lipstick.
  I decided to keep it simple and do my fav liner and a lip combo.  I didn’t snap any pics while en route but as it turns out the location ended up being not even 2 blocks from our building!  LOL  So we basically took a car to the meetup location only to walk back home.  SMH Its cool though, all apart of the festivities.  It also worked in our favor because we were able to walk back home and pick up some necessities that we forgot to pack! HA!
  They had port a potty’s on the grounds of the Carnegie Library (where the event was staged) but right when I was about to go in one a security guard told me my dress was too nice to try and maneuver in a potty.  She then personally escorted me to the library and told me to use the bathroom in there instead.  I was so thankful and appreciative of her for that.  Plus there was a full length mirror that of course I had to take advantage of.  We kept the table simple.  It was our first time attending so we didnt want to go overboard plus did not want to carry too much more but I now know what to do next time I attend.
  Due to my health concerns my appetite hasnt been too robust as of late, not to mention wearing all white makes you nervous for being too ambitious in your culinary options.  I decided to go with a simple grilled salmon salad with roasted vegetables.

  We ordered the flowers and wine from the event site.  You are not supposed to bring outside alcohol.  Thanks again Mommy for customizing my shoes! 🙂
  This was the table of our immediate neighbors and it was so beautiful.  I hope they won for best decorations.
  at 8p we all lit our sparklers that our group leaders passed out.
    and then it was time to party!
    Once we made our rounds and enjoyed the photobooths we went home to drop off our table and chairs, etc.  Took a quick breather and then went back for the after party.
  The Marriott Marquis is a gorgeous hotel and HUGE inside.  The ballroom where the party was held looked like a convention center and it was just ONE of their rooms.

Dusse was one of the sponsors of the after party.
    D went with a sidecar.
  I cant recall the name of my drink but it was Dusse, some other liqueur and pineapple juice; it reminded me of a rum and pineapple which is why I selected it.
  DJ Neekola kept the party going and she really played a little bit of everything!  My legs were on fire the next day from dancing so much.

I really enjoyed myself.  I have been limiting my attendance at more localized events in favor of experiencing new things this summer and I am so pleased with that decision.  I loved the diversity and friendly nature of everyone that day.  I hope it retains its exclusivity because that is what adds to the magic of it.  Yes there was quite a bit of work and cost involved but it was so worth it for the memories it provided.

2 thoughts on “Diner en Blanc DC 2015

    1. Hey Aunt Tammy! You bring all of your own items – table, chairs, linens, flatware, place settings, decorations, etc. The rules are basically white and elegant. No paper plates or plastic ware were seen (thank goodness) and all appropriate food options. You are basically staging your own 4 star restaurant experience. Some items are available for rental and purchase for pick up on the day of the event as well. And yes there are group leaders that help to organize the various groups and once you are accepted and assigned, that is who you sit with.


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