Hair Apparent 

In this, the haircut seen round the world…not so much.  But you get how dramatic that seemed?  That is really how folks reacted to something as small as cutting my hair.

Those that know me beyond a surface level from WAY back know that this type of change is not new for me.  In fact,if anything, having the same/or a similar style for an extended period of time is more out of the norm.

If you have been following the blog you know I have been dealing with some health challenges in recent months and yes the haircut was a part of that process but it was not as deep as one would think.

When faced with the possibility of cancer, yes the thought crossed my mind that if my hair could possibly fall out I will be the one in control of it and not some manufactured disease but in the end I didn’t have to fight cancer.  It was just the perfect storm of circumstances that led me to the ultimate decision – health, time for a change, maintenance time constraints and career choices.  In short, it was just time.

Going to the barber shop, for me, is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of day to day.  My barber is highly skilled and I enjoy the conversation and atmosphere.  It is not your typical barbershop experience and I pay a premium for that experience gladly.

Since the cut you would not believe some of the comments I have had to contend with…

“I LOVE your haircut!  I would LOVE to cut my hair off like that, I keep thinking about it.  See, it looks good on you.  You can do that because you have the right shape head and face…big.”   -random lady in the grocery store

“It looks nice!  It is probably a lot easier for you to wear wigs now I bet.”  -a teacher at my daughters school who I just met this school year and has never seen me wear a wig… (she is not a WOC and tried to clean up her remark after I gave her the blankest of blank stares but well…you know…)

“Oh girl you just trying to look young like back in the day Shana…”  -my mother

“I think the haircut looks MUCH better than what she had before.  She looks like she belongs now.”  – older lady at work who thought I was out of ear shot when she decided to share her thoughts…

It is so funny how people think they have the right to your appearance.  I have been on the receiving end of these remarks and I just shake my head and keep it moving.  I noticed that there have been a number of times when I was in that mean girl frame of mind.  Spewing my remarks on how someone chooses to express their outward appearance, so I know how the universe works.  You get back what you put out, so I deal with the comments on my haircut by taking it with a grain of salt.

I loved my locs and the notoriety they garnered (I mean really, I was featured by Essence for them…TWICE! among other loc appreciation sites)

The attention they began to bring me and the recognition however began to bother me.

I love my haircut and feel that now I am seen in a different light and have a bit of my obscurity returned.  I am in a place now where I love me regardless and I order my steps and my tongue accordingly so that my self love now translates to what I put in the universe towards others.

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