Love Letter

Dear Shana,

You are beautiful in your own way. Hard stop.

Your smile, though you claim is a work in progress, is infectious. I love when you laugh too loud and extra hard because I know at those times you feel most free, not weighed down by your anxiety.

Your concern for others is admirable, there are so many who are simply surface, who don’t really give a fuck; your nature is to love hard in spite of and often past expiration but don’t change because being genuine is a lost commodity these days. Those who’ve moved on were not for you and that’s ok.

Your tenacity mixed with your enthusiasm is powered by jet fuel, not many people can endure all that you have and still maintain some semblance of normalcy. Yes at times you feel like you can’t handle one more thing but somehow you always do.

You recently took the first step in facing your past in order to heal and I know that was huge and scary but it helped others. Always remember you are never alone, continue to peel away at those scabs of trauma so that the healing will begin.

Everything in due time, the accomplishments you seek will happen when they are supposed to so do not fret and do not falter. Everyone has a different path and there are things that you’ve done that others have on their list, so continue your ambition because when you put your mind to something you are a force.

You just reached a milestone, focus on that. Remember all that took place in 2017 was part of your journey to arrive in this moment. I know you want to do what you want to do when you want to do it but you actually do have a handicap now and that means you have to adjust.

Being self sufficient is great but don’t beat yourself up for the curves you have. Real is sexy. Every curve on your body has a story that would be a well worn favorite novel for the right one. Remember how you felt in that picture above? Bottle that and know you are beautiful in every single way.

Anytime you are feeling less than come back to this so you can push forward. I know you… and I know that even reading these things about yourself is difficult but be open to praise and absorb it more than you allow criticism to envelop you. You deserve to be loved and I love the shit out of you.



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