Pole Pressure D.C.

One of the things I love about email lists is I have control over what I view. I have subscribed to the things that interest me, (unlike on social media that feeds you what they THINK you want to see :eyeroll) and eventually I will get something that makes my subscription pay off. This time it ended up being an opportunity to try a level 1 pole dance class at Pole Pressure D.C. for F.R.E.E.!!!!

Devon, CEO of Pole Pressure and my fierce instructor (image c/o Pole Pressure website)

Pole Pressure, located on 14th Street NW, first opened in 2009. The current owner Devon, took over as CEO in 2017, just two years after opening Pole Pressure Woodbridge. She has competed in and placed in several pole dancing exhibitions earning the title of Champion in the Miss Head Over Heels competition.

I had the pleasure of having Devon as my instructor in today’s class and I can definitely see why she has been so successful. She was able to give clear instruction to the group as a whole and also provide one on one specific assistance as needed without missing a beat. My knee decided it wanted to throw a tantrum during a few of the moves and she was able to show me modifications while preserving my sexy. My classmates were a diverse group of women – all shapes, sizes and skill level but no one was made to feel less than another. I think that is what I enjoy most about these classes. That sense of sisterhood is always present.

Sale going on now for new clients

Pole Pressure had one hell of a sale today where you get 5 classes for $25 and you can use it for any of the classes that Pole Pressure happens to offer – flexibility, pole, chair, etc. So if you didn’t know, your girl loves a sale and I love to support so I snatched that deal right on up. While that one was only valid until 1p, there is another one available for new clients where you get 3 classes for $50, so be sure to check them out if you are interested because that deal is only available until March 4, 2019.

Now I know what you really want…you want to see me in action, I know, I know…well you are in luck because I recorded it…all of it. Of course I had to edit the footage because the class was one hour but hopefully I captured enough for you to get a good idea of how it went. Let me know how you think I did (be gentle LOL). Have you taken a pole/exotic dance class before? How was it? Would you do it again? If you haven’t are you interested? Why or why not? Let’s chat about it.

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