Yoni Egg Introduction Workshop

Let’s start this off with a little background information or disclaimer if you will…Shana. Is. An. Open. Book. You can literally ask me just about anything and I will tell you; mainly because people are going to talk regardless right? So, I would rather you hear it from me firsthand. I also realize that we all have not had the same experiences. I happen to have had a fairly decent amount of experiences that some may feel a bit apprehensive about but may be curious. I have this little section of the digital universe to share and hopefully answer a few of the questions you may have. With that said I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination (yet) so anything I divulge is just my account of what I learned/experienced and is not meant to be taken as a professional opinion. Got it? Good.

sipping my yogi tea that revealed “Kindness Is The Light of Life”

When it comes to female health and sexuality I research a lot, be it bae (aka google), reading, watching (yes this may include adult cinema) and plain old fashioned practice makes perfect. This desire for knowledge honestly came from being sexually active and wondering what the fascination was because I was not experiencing anything like what is depicted on tv or movies. Where were these unicorn fantasy mind blowing orgasms? Why was my partner always so elated and I was always left questioning “what am I not getting?” “What is wrong with my body?” “Why is it not functioning the way I keep seeing or hearing about?” And many others that of course I know now were a bit extreme. Nothing was wrong, and things were functioning just fine, I just needed to learn about my body.

a little Q&A after the workshop

Sunday I attended a yoni egg introduction workshop. Upon entering the space I immediately felt a sense of calm. Soothing music softly serenaded while a sweet incense wafted through the air. Our instructor for the day, Yuli, spoke in soft tones and we all greeted each other with warm smiles.

Yuli gave us a brief history of the yoni egg, which originated in China and was initially only available to royals. As we all hopefully know, our yoni (read: vagina) holds power and is our root. Knowing all of that, of course the elite wanted to keep that power to themselves.

Yuli demonstrating a stretching and breathing posture before guiding us through the exercise

We also learned the benefits of using a yoni egg, such as the most well known use, which is to increase the strength of the vaginal muscles but did you know that they are good for use during self love in conjunction with your favorite toy or that they can aid in spiritual release? We keep the energy of past lovers and the egg can assist in letting go.

the selection of yoni eggs

I took a LOT of notes, way too much to fit in a blog post but I did want to give you a general overview. Later this week I will actually do a more in depth video that talks about how to use the egg and give you my first hand experience embarking on this journey. So if you are not following me on social media this is your chance! I am literally @shanajanelle on everything but here are the actual links to get you there a bit quicker (InstagramYouTubeFacebook) But until then here a few tips:

  • don’t research stones for your egg, go where you are drawn
  • cleanse egg thoroughly before initial use and in between each use
  • do not use when you have any discomfort, a cold, or during your menstrual cycle; the stone is healing but better to resolve issues prior to use
  • they can be used during sex (with/without a partner)!
just ONE of my pages of notes to share with you

Have you used a yoni egg before? If not, are you curious to learn more? For more events like this one be sure to check out With Love DC.

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