D.A.R.Ling: Fenty Beauty Stunna: Uncensored

When MAC teamed up with Rihanna to launch RiRi Woo back in 2013 the beauty world came to a screeching halt. I remember working at the spalon greeting clients with my cellphone in hand (severely frowned upon) willing the internet gods to be kind to my connection so I could get my hands on the coveted black bullet. I managed to secure the sexy shade and I still kick myself today for only getting one. Guess what though? I STILL have it! Side eye all you want but I will NOT let that one go. I only wear it on special occasions.

This my friends is how my obsession with red lipsticks began. I had to find comparable replacements for my beloved RiRi Woo. So imagine my joy when Rihanna launched her own line. Surely she would create a dupe that would allow me to relinquish the vice grip I held on to her MAC collab right? Keep reading to find out…

What it claims:

  • 1 stroke intensity – YEP
  • Soft matte finish – YEP
  • Unrivaled precision wand – I mean…I guess
  • weightless – YEP
  • high impact color – YEP
  • low maintenance long wear – NAH

When Stunna Lip paint launched I thought: yes! finally I can release this vice grip I have on the RiRi Woo…you see I said above that I still have it right? I hawked the site and ordered two of them back on Black Friday 2017. My beau at the time did not understand my obsession and determination to acquire the new product, but you know how men are…and he’s not around anymore anyway so there’s that. Anywho…I got it and fell in love at first sight. That is until I actually used it.

This liquid lip definitely delivers in intensity, feel, and results…if you have stealth like application techniques. One false move and it will test your resolve the same way winged eyeliner does. It can sense your fear. You have to be precise and deliberate in your maneuvers. I would recommend applying it with zero distractions in a well lit area. While the brush is cute and offers a unique shape and size, I have had the best luck in applying it with a flat definer brush a la the MAC 212 flat definer brush. If you want to be brave and use the applicator it comes with then I would suggest applying it sparingly on the bottom lip in the middle first and working your way out.

One last word of caution: let it dry completely before doing ANYTHING. This is the norm for any liquid lip but Uncensored will play cat and mouse and make you THINK you’re good and then have you trying to be cute talking to your crush with a stroke of red on your teeth, your chin and everywhere else (trust that I speak from experience).

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