D.A.R.Ling: KKW Beauty Classic Red Creme Lipstick & Red 1 Lip Liner

Kylie hit it first *Ray J voice* That is what went through my head when Kim ventured into the beauty realm. I was not moved with the initial offerings from the KKW Beauty line and that was pretty much substantiated when influencers of color offered their takes on the line. Long story short, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Just to be clear I am not KDash/Jenner hater. I know people love to drag them the same way some do Beyonce and I don’t know why. There is enough out here for everyone to eat, but I digress. I just didn’t feel compelled to indulge in her products…that is until she hit me with a red lippie! Y’all know how I do. Let’s get into it, shall we?

What it claims:

  • lip quenching formula – I wouldn’t say that
  • creamy, luxurious application – I guess
  • comfortable wear – It was aight
  • true red – open to interpretation

I wore this combo on Galentine’s Day so if you watched the video…in fact go back to the post and watch the video then come back here. I will wait for you…

Welcome back! So when I put it on to me it came across as an orange based red but if they say it is a true red and they actually have ANOTHER red that is orange based then I have to take them at their word.

I am a lover of all things matte. Every so often you will see me with a gloss but normally its clear. If I have on color then it is definitely a matte lipstick or liquid lipstick so to take a chance on a creme based color was a huge departure for me. I am happy to report that it behaved rather well…or as well as a creme lipstick can. In the video you will see that I take a sip from my drink and I actually say that we will have to discuss this (this being the transfer of color) in my next post. Do not let that deter you. Even though there was some transfer, I still had a decent amount of color left on my lips until I removed it myself when I got home. I give that a B+ performance which says a lot from someone who loves liquid lipsticks for their staying power.

While the formula is creamy you still should be on point with your lip care. Any dryness WILL show and have you looking crazy. Exfoliation and moisturizing prior to wear is your friend. This is not the type of red that serves to brighten your teeth. If you are self conscious about your pearly whites (or lack thereof), this shade in particular will tell all your business so govern yourselves accordingly. Lastly the cost for shipping is a bit much for me even though it arrived in pretty good time. I love instant gratification (or as instant as I can get it given that its an online purchase) so more often than not I will pay to get something shipped overnight or at the most 2 day shipping. I like having that control, I do NOT however like being forced into one method of shipping with a price I do not agree with. All of that said I do think I want to give the other shades a try. Glutton for punishment I guess ~shrug

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