Gimme a (Spring) break!

With Spring break literally around the corner, parents will need to get creative when it comes to incorporating self care. Unless you planned a trip, the kids will be home for a full week so time is of the essence.

My muppets during a Spring break excursion

Here are three ways to regroup in under five minutes:

  • Uh Huh, Honey
    • A spoonful of honey helps reduce inflammation. Some depression actually comes from chronic, low grade inflammation. Use honey to sweeten your toast or tea and your disposition at the same time.
  • Om My Way
    • Moms know hiding in the bathroom really is not the best escape (not to mention that it does not work, no matter how old your child may be), so take the time to set up a space where you can really go to free yourself of stress. It does not have to be anything elaborate or expansive. Just an area with a comfortable chair or floor pillow where you can light incense or a candle and breathe.
  • When In Doubt, Write It Out
    • “Dear Diary, I am feeling overwhelmed.” Simply writing out our feelings can make them seem less intimidating. Try journaling to recenter.


  • Shut Up and Dance!
    • Crank up the tunes and challenge the kids to a dance off! Its great cardio, can reduce anxiety and is a great family activity without breaking the bank.

What are some ways that you refuel in an instant? Share them in the comments so we can all help each other maintain some sanity!

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