#TourYourTown: Shaw, D.C. – The Glow Club

If you search the word “meditate” online, the immediate results detail how to meditate. Being inundated with videos and articles about how to engage in mindful practice could be overwhelming, but imagine a place right in your own backyard where you could be assisted in person. A place where you are welcome to learn about crystal energy and how to select the right one for your life goals. Somewhere when in the middle of the day, if you feel overwhelmed, you can retreat to sit enveloped in muted jewel tones while sweet incense and calming sounds permeate your senses. Be transported to tranquility at The Glow Club.

Nestled in the middle of a Shaw city block, you may not recognize the invitation to zen at first, but keep your eyes open for the subtle beckoning.

Upon entering you aren’t quite sure you are even in the right place, though you saw the sign in front. You stand at the bottom of an unassuming wooden stairwell. Your mind begins to second guess your decision to enter but you ignore the doubt and begin to ascend the stairs. As you do each landing illuminates almost in a reassurance of your decision. Only then does it begin to make sense.

At the top of the first landing you see the sign confirming you made the right decision.

Ok I built up the suspense, led you to the door, now it is time to explore.

The Glow Club was created out of necessity. Owner and first time entrepreneur, Caitlin Fox, was looking for a space in which to enhance her own mindful practice. Embracing her own life shift (leaving a company she helped establish from the ground up and newly single), she recognized a void and sought to fill it by not only helping herself but realizing that others needed a safe space to glow. She found herself in D.C. , happened upon a bare bones space for sale, and the rest is history. As soon as you enter The Glow Club you recognize the care and thoughtfulness she put into designing the space. The only feature that was present when she found the location was the exposed brick wall.

The Glow Club describes itself as “A Meditation Studio for People Who Don’t Meditate, but Should.” To tackle that hesitation, the studio offers guided meditation topics for pretty much every naysayer:

  • Productivity
  • Emotional Release
  • Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Stress Reduction

Just to name a few. In addition they offer business-related events, pop ups and a lot more. To sweeten the deal further your first class is absolutely free!

On the day that I chose to visit ,the last class had just wrapped and I literally had the entire space to myself. I sipped complimentary tea while talking with Caitlin and felt an immense sense of calm. I could have chatted with her all day (she was just that awesome), but the glow room was beckoning. After purchasing a few crystals I made my way into the space, set my Apple watch to the Breathe app and entered my personal decompression session. That’s another bonus – if there are no classes in session you can “drop in” to the studio to escape the rigors of your day for only $5. You can’t even get your favorite beverage from your favorite spot for $5 so to gain peace of mind AND tea for that price is a win win.

I can’t wait to visit The Glow Club again and plan to make it part of my regular wellness routine and I encourage you to do the same. If you have any questions be sure to take the time to speak with Caitlin or any one of the instructors during your first free class or your drop in session and I promise you will walk away feeling renewed and ready to take on whatever life sends your way.

The Glow Club is located at 1913 9th Street NW on the second floor. Sign up for your first free class here and let me know how it goes! I promise I do not get anything in return for sharing that with you, I just think everyone should practice some form of self care and why not start your journey at a place meant for exactly that? Namaste.

One thought on “#TourYourTown: Shaw, D.C. – The Glow Club

  1. Who knew they have place for inner growth and personal space?!! When I get me a minute, I am going to check out the website in more detail. This is awesome! Absolutely love it.


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