#TourYourTown: Shaw, D.C. – Maxwell Park

Oenophile – a connoisseur of wines. Who identifies with this? I know I do. I have yet to meet a varietal of grape that I dislike. It did take me a while to get to identify as an oenophile and what helped me along was simply enough – knowledge. Learning the regions, how to differentiate by taste and how to pair with certain foods all assisted in my journey. Knowledge is power as they say. What if I told you that you too can gain this superpower (I said, what I said) too? Let’s get to know Maxwell Park D.C.

The brain child of founder Brent Kroll, Maxwell Park D.C. gets its name from one of Brent’s childhood memories – playing in a park across from Maxwell Park railroad tracks in Detroit. Together with his partners and fellow sommeliers, Niki Lang and Daniel Runnerstrom, their offering to the Shaw neighborhood allows us to have a lighthearted experience with wine.

With over 50 wines to choose from that rotate on a monthly basis due to the playful themes like ‘Biggie Smalls’ & The Pink Void (notice a musical theme?), you may be a bit overwhelmed but fret not. After flipping through the pages I simply told Niki what I enjoyed in a wine and she offered both a red and white option that suited me just fine. Yes I drank both. Bret must have sensed my adoration for all things Rose and made sure to offer me a glass before my departure and a friendly hug to boot! But let me tell you what took me by surprise…

THE FOOD!!!! Go for the wine, stay for the food, order more wine, make new friends. In that order. I attempted to be cute for the pics but I literally wanted to devour every morsel on my plate…truth be told once the pics were done, I did BUT I also had great conversation with my fellow patrons and shared my olives with them when I had to leave for an event.

I literally had the best time at Maxwell Park D.C. It removes the fuss that you may think is associated with enjoying wine but maintains the finesse. A fellow wine lover entered right before I departed who happened to be impaired visually and the care that the staff took to ensure she was made to feel welcomed and comfortable warmed my heart. It has nothing to do with how amazing the wine was or how delicious the food tasted, because both are very true, but it had EVERYTHING to do with the caliber of service that was afforded to me as well as everyone else who entered while I was there. Do yourself a favor – head to Shaw, visit Maxwell Park D.C. (rain or shine) but get there early because there are no reservations and seating is first come, first served and it will go quick. Its affordable and you will enjoy literally everything. Tell Brent, Niki and Daniel I sent you…hell even tell me when you are going and I will meet you there!

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